This is the second quarter of a three-quarter sequence of first-year Japanese (Japan 111-3).  Students must i) have completed (and passed) Japan 111 (or equivalent), ii) be placed into Japan 112 by the Japan 100-level placement exam, or iii) have received a permission from the instructor.  Students who do not satisfy one of these or have not passed Japan 111 are not permitted to start at this level.  In addition, native speakers of Japanese, students with substantial background in Japanese by completing Japan 112 (or its equivalent) or higher level of Japanese course by residence in Japan or by heritage are not permitted to register for this course irrespective of circumstances (including a result of placement test).  No exception will be made.  Failure to follow this instruction may result in no grade for this course.  Those who have any questions about his/her background in Japanese must seek advice from the instructor. 

The course is a hybrid of web-based course materials and classroom activities.  Web-based materials consists of 1) introduction of grammar, vocabulary, Kanji, and cultural notes, 2) interactive exercises, and 3) quizzes.  Students are expected to work extensively and repeatedly on these web-based materials.  Classroom activities are based on these activities and aim at putting these materials into actual use.  Failure to prepare for classroom activities using web-based materials would result in poor performance in classroom and would negatively affect your grade.