Welcome to Japan 211 (2nd year Japanese)

This is the first quarter of three quarter sequence in 2nd year modern Japanese language course. Students enrolled in the course may have had approximately 150 hours of prior course work in Japanese at college level, or learning substantial Japanese through residence in Japan or by heritage, or have scored 31 points or higher but below 56 in JP100A placement exam. If you have any question as to your qualification for the course, please contact the instructor. No credit will be given to those who we deem are overqualified course even after completing the course. No auditor (i.e. registering for the course for non-credit) is allow by the departmental policy.

In Case of H1N1 Influenza Outbreak: If there is an H1N1 influenza outbreak that causes a large number of absences, the academic policies for this course will be adjusted accordingly. By request of Provost Phyllis Wyse, in such a case requirements for documentation of illness will be waived, to avoid unnecessarily overcrowding heath care facilities. If there is a large number of absences, the instructor may also arrange for a set of student notes to be posted on the web. The professor is also investigating digital recording software to see if it is feasible to post a recording of lectures, or to record lectures from home if the instructor cannot be on campus due to influenza. These policies may be updated at any time, so check back at the "syllabus" tab on the course website for updates, or contact the instructor with any questions.

Please note that Final Exam for Japan 211 will be given on 12/12 (Saturday) at 8:30 (~10:20). Location TBA.