Linguistics 471: Grammar Engineering

Lab 1 Due 4/4

Note: Be sure to upload your files to Dante (see below) before leaving the lab, or all of your work will be lost. In general, you'll want to keep the most current version of your grammar on Dante so that you can access it from wherever you get a chance to work. (The exception would be if you are working exclusively on your own laptop... however even then, you should consider uploading to Dante as a means of backing up your work.)

Download the Grammar Matrix

Start the LKB and load the grammar matrix

Personalize your copy of the Matrix

Add lexical entries

Note The default place to make changes is your renamed my_language.tdl file. In principle, you should not need to make any changes to matrix.tdl. You may need to use some other files (e.g., for lexical entry and rule instances). In the following instructions, if no particular file is mentioned, use your renamed my_language.tdl file.

Add node labels

Specialize rules

Test your grammar

Upload files to Dante

Submit via ESubmit

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