Linguistics 471: Grammar Engineering

Lab 3 Due 4/25

Minimum requirements for this assignment

This assignment covers material which varies greatly from language to language. While you are welcome to do more, this section lays out what is actually required for this lab. The instructions given below are then a superset of what any one student needs to do.

Everyone should:

Then choose one of the following "packages" (in many cases, you may find it easier to write more lexical rules rather than put in all the lexical entries you'll need if you don't):


Map out the space you intend to cover

Pronouns, person and number distinctions

Because person and number information are also interpreted semantically, we want to record it regardless of whether it is syntactically relevant (i.e., whether it gets used for agreement).

Some of the instructions in this section are very specific (i.e., I'm giving you lots of answers) because I want you to have time to focus your efforts on other parts of the lab. Don't be surprised then, when all of the sudden things get less specific!



Lexical rules

Head-modifier rules

If you're doing adjectives and adverbs because your language lacks inflection, you'll probably need a few head-modifier rules. If you're doing adjectives because that's the easiest case of agreement to be working on, you'll probably need just one.

The Matrix distinguishes scopal from intersective modification. We're going to pretend that everything is intersective and just not worry about the scopal guys for now.



Test your grammar

Write up your analyses

Upload files to Dante

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