Reading Questions


The lectures for this class will assume that students have read the chapter before class. In order to reinforce that and in order to make the lectures more effective in deepening student understanding of the material, we have instituted a "reading questions" requirement.


For each lecture with an assigned reading (see the schedule of topics and assignments), answer the following question to Canvas:

What in the reading was most confusing? If you can, articulate a question about it. If nothing was confusing, what further questions does this reading raise for you?

There are 16 lectures with associated reading assignments, so each student should submit 16 reading question posts (one for each assignment). These will collectively count for 5% of your course grade.


Submit RQ to the appropriate RQ area on Canvas by Midnight Pacific Time the night before the associated lecture, with a subject line indicating the topic of your question.

Note: We're asking you to post the reading questions to Canvas because we think it will be of interest for you to see each others' questions. In some cases, it makes the most sense for us to answer the questions on Canvas, too. However, we do not expect you to go through the other reading questions before posting your own. Repeats/highly similar questions are expected and welcomed (but questions should arise from reading --- just paraphrasing something on the Canvas doesn't count ;-).

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