Linguistics 567: Grammar Engineering

Lab 1: Getting familiar with the LKB

Due 4/1/05

Getting Started

Run a testsuite with the LKB batch parse utility

Feature Structure Re-entrancies in Agreement

Phrase Structure Rules

Your answers to the questions below should be included in your write-up.


This grammar does not yet have any account of modification. In this part, you'll add PP modifiers and the types and rules that support them.

The Head Feature Principle

Looking at the various rules, you'll notice that the HEAD value of the whole phrase is always identified with the HEAD value of one of the ARGS, sometimes the first and sometimes the second. In this part, you'll modify the grammar to reflect this distinction between head-initial and head-final phrases.

Eliminating Redundancy in the Lexicon

The grammar so far lacks any lexical type hierarchy. We'll fix that now.

Save your work in progress

cd ~/username
tar czf grammar1.tgz grammar1
scp grammar1.tgz

To download your work in progress and start up again:

cd ~/username
tar xzf grammar1.tgz

Submit to E-Submit

This lab is notionally due Friday evening. Catalyst will close the assignment at midnight Sunday night.

Create one compressed file (preferably with tar, as above), including both your grammar and your write up. Write ups can be plain text or pdf.

The link for our E-Submit site can be found on the course web page.

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