Lab 1 (due 3/31)

NB The lab assignments will typically include write up instructions at the end. Before you start, read the whole assignment once, including the write-up instructions, so you know what to keep track of along the way.

Getting started

Eliminating redundancies in the lexicon

In the starter grammar, there are many constraints that are repeated in each lexical entry. This part of the lab asks you to pull those constraints out into types, thus ending up with lexical entries that only need to stipulate the type and orthographic form. (NB: This grammar doesn't have any semantics.)

You should do this even for the types that will end up instantiated only by one lexical entry.

Phrase Structure Recursion

The LKB requires that every phrase structure rule has a fixed number of daughters. The starter grammar handles head-complement structures with two separate rules, one for transitive and one for ditransitives.



The starter grammar does not have any node labels defined, so the LKB is just labeling nodes with their type (word or phrase). You can fix this by defining labels.

Write up

Please submit write-ups as plain text files. (In future labs, that will help me run example sentences through your grammar.)

Your write up should include:

Submit your assignment

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