List of grams for ODIN/test suites

Here is the list of grams from ODIN. It is a tab delimited text file (so the most convenient way to read it is to import it into a spreadsheet app).

type_id 0 refers to grams that are used across languages. type_id -1 is for grams specific to a language. Try to use the universal grams whenever possible.

The domain column tells you which grammatical domain the gram is from, and the GOLD_concept column links the gram to an element of the GOLD ontology (in some cases, hypothesized elements if the concept doesn't yet exist in GOLD).

There are multiple grams for the same concept, since ODIN is taking in IGT (interlinear glossed text) from multiple authors. Use whichever you prefer, but try to be consistent and do use grams from this list wherever possible.

If any of the concepts are unfamiliar (but you think you need them for your language), ask!

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Last modified: Tue Mar 28 21:19:18 PST 2006