LING 573 - Natural Language Processing Systems and Applications Spring 2017
Course Mechanics

Working in Teams

Building systems is complicated and time-consuming. Even for highly proficient programmers, the scope of work for the course is beyond a single person. Furthermore, your future work in the field will frequently require that you work in teams. This course will give you some experience in that setting.

You should form a team of 3 (possibly 4) students. Please try to distribute the work as evenly and equitably as possible. If you are unable to resolve a problem with your teammates, please let me know.

Class Participation

Please make every effort to attend class, either on-campus or on-line. Participation in group presentations and group task discussion is an important part of the course and will contribute to your overall class grade. If you miss more than 2 class meetings without an excused absence or prior arrangement, it will have a negative impact on your grade.

Homework Submission

All coursework should be stored under version controlled repositories with read permissions provided to the TA and instructor. We will check out or clone your repositories to test and review your work. All code should run on patas under condor.

Deadlines and Late Deliverables


Academic Misconduct

Copying code from the web or from classmates is plagiarism. Using other people's code for the main algorithm in an assignment will consistute cheating. For additional detail, please see the University's policy page. Use of a software library to complete a subcomponent of a programming assignment is acceptable- and will almost certainly be necessary - but must be identified and credited in comments in the code and other documentation. If you are unsure of whether a program performs too much of the required work, please ask for clarification.