LING 575 - Spoken Dialog Spring 2017
Final Project:
Presentations: 5/31/2017
Final submission: Code, write-up/term paper: 6/7/2017: 23:59


Final Project Presentations

Final Project Submission

Please complete your project as described below.

For implementation projects, all code should be under a single top-level directory and include a README explaining how to run it and use it (or what numbers to call in the case of VoiceXML-based dialog systems). Your final submission should also include a brief (2-4 pages) write-up, addressing the following aspects:

Please tar up the directory and deposit it in the course Dropbox

For analysis projects, I do not expect that any code will be submitted; the main product should be a writeup of 6-10 pages, elaborating on the elements and following the same structure as above, focusing on the details of the analysis and findings, quantitative and qualitative. If you wish to provide more extensive data, that can also be tarred up. It can be submitted to the Dropbox directly.

There is no specific format required for the write-up, though I would appreciate that you not use a font smaller than 11pt.