LING 575 - Spoken Dialog Systems Spring 2017
Simple Dialog System Homework Due: May 2, 2017: 23:45


This assignment aims to help you familiarize yourself with dialog system frameworks and develop improved understanding of basic spoken dialog systems through implementation and application. Please review the tutorial and class lectures on introduction to spoken dialog systems, and frameworks such as VoiceXML and OpenDial.


Through this assignment, you will:


NOTE: The specifications below are written targeting VoiceXML and Voxeo/Aspect as a platform, as it has a fairly easy-to-use basic environment. Alternate platforms are acceptable as long as I can access them to test your systems. You should follow a similar process of setting up an account and/or installing the software and setting up a simplest system to gain familiarity. Then you will build your simple dialog application, and submit the system files and report.

If you want to try out a much more flexible research system, OpenDial, is also an option. However, while nicely documented for a research system, the user base is small, so there are few outside resources for questions that arise.

Another interesting platform is Wit.Ai, recently acquired by Facebook, but still available for free use.

Q1: Exploring Dialog Frameworks (30 free pts)

Sign up for an account with a VoiceXML service. One good option is Voxeo. You can do this as you set up your first toy VoiceXML application. Tellme Studio, aka [24]7 Studio, has particularly good VoiceXML documentation, though it lacks a free account option.

Q2: Create a simple Weather interface (40 pts)

Create an application, named hw2_q2.{xml|etc}, that provides a spoken interface to weather forecast information.

Q3: Writing a mixed-initiative Weather interface (30 pts)

Create a revised application, named hw2_q3.{xml|etc} that adapts the interface you created in Q2 to mixed-initiative to allow the user to enter the location and forecast time in either order or all at once in a single utterance. To do this, you will need to at minimum:

Submission Files

Please adhere to the naming conventions below:

Handing in your work

All homework should be handed in using the class CollectIt.