LING 575 - Spoken Dialog Winter 2017
Course Mechanics

Homework Submission

Homework should be submitted through the Ling 575 CollectIt.

Deadlines and Late Homework



Students may work together on the homework assignments, but all of the material which is turned in for grading must be produced individually. For example, students may form study groups and work out solutions together on a whiteboard, but it would not be permissible for one student to create a computer file containing the answers and then for other students to copy that file and submit it as their own work. The goal of this policy is to encourage the use of homework as a learning aid. Credit should be given for help on the homework by identifying one's collaborators on the first page of the submitted homework assignment. Use of a software library to complete a subcomponent of a programming assignment is acceptable, but must be identified and credited in comments in the code. Collaboration is expected on joint projects and writeups should include information about the structure of the collaboration (i.e. who did what).

Academic Misconduct

Copying code from the web or from classmates is plagiarism. Using other people's code for the main algorithm in an assignment will consistute cheating. For additional detail, please see the University's policy page.