LING 575 - Spoken Dialog Systems
Spring 2017
Specialized Topics

Each student will be responsible for selecting a topic to present and lead class discussion on. The topic may be chosen from the list of topics below or you may propose another that you are interested in. This will involve presenting the main ideas from 2-3 papers and synthesizing the challenges in the area and the approaches taken to them.

Please identify one specialized topic that you wish to present and post to the corresponding GoPost thread.

NOTE: You may work in pairs or individually on the presentation.


Date Presenter(s)Topic
May 3Elizabeth Prosody in Dialog
May 3Anna Emotion, affect, and sentiment
May 3Travis Turn-taking and Backchannels
May 3Austin Multi-party dialog
May 10
May 10Ajda, Melina Miscommunication & Repair
May 10Tracy,Eli Multi-linguality
May 10Marina Active Learning
May 17
May 17Luke,Karen Chatbots
May 17 Ayushi Entrainment in dialog
May 17 Alex S. Persona and Personification in dialog
May 17NickContext
May 24
May 24Macklin Knowledge Acquisition
May 24Denise, Wenxi Applications: Tutoring
May 24Alex C., William Applications: Medical