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Thursday, 2/19:  Discussion of impact on labor outside US—both on militancy and on regulative institutions


2/19:  Impact on labor outside US—both on militancy and on regulative institutions

2/24 & 26:  Impact on US workers and some of their responses

3/3:  Consumer campaigns, fair labor

3/5:  Caitlin Morris from NIKE

3/10: Viewing of parts of "Outsourced" and discussion with director

3/12:  What is the future of the labor movement?


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FINAL PAPER: The paper is due by 4:30 pm on Thursday, March 19, in Gowen 101. Please put my name AND the name of the TA on the paper. The office closes at 4:30. Papers turned in after that time will be considered late.

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Political Science/History/Sociology 249/266, Winter 2009
Introduction to Labor Studies

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NYT editorial on Employee Free Choice Act

NYT article on UNITE HERE

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