Pacific Coast sea stack at Rialto Beach north of Hole in the Wall. Near Forks, Washington.


Photo by Lisa Hannon, 2007.

Nudibranch and Chiton



Welcome to the Nudibranch and Chiton Homepage.


I hope that you find these intertidal creatures as fascinating as I do.


This is a class webpage developed by Lisa Hannon for the Spring 2007 Marine Ecology field class at the University of Washington, Tacoma.


Most of the pictures on this page were taken either by Lisa, other students or the instructor, Dr. Bonnie Becker. All other photos are copywrited and used with permission of their owners.


I would like to thank Steve Gardner, Michael D. Miller and Bill Rudman for the generous use of their nudibranch photographs.


Steve Gardner: Aeolidia papillosa

Michael D. Miller: Diaulula sandiegensis, Triopha catalinae

Bill Rudman: Aeolidiella foulisi


This webpage is part of the UWT Marine Ecology 2007