Abarenicola pacifica


This lugworm was found at Cattle Point on Friday Harbor.  It was found living in the sand in the high intertidal area.  As it was being examined it began to stick out its proboscis.  It was red in color and approximately 4 inches long.  Lugworms live in the sand in U shaped burrows.  They feed on diatoms, bacteria, and seaweed.  The lugworm can weigh up to 25g and live up to 6 years.  It does not begin breeding until about the age of 2.  Juvenile lugworms spend their time in the high intertidal zone while mature lugworms move down the towards the low intertidal zone (UK Marine 2007).


Lugworm found at Cattle Point on 5/5/07.  Picture courtesy of Bonnie Becker.



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