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Instructor: Hanson Hosein
Office: Room 251C, Communications Building
Office Hours: By Appointment

Last Updated 6/4/09 Modified week 10

This is a pivotal time in the history of digital media. Inexpensive technology and powerful distribution networks mean nearly anyone can transmit their creations.

This flood of amateur content provides a glimpse at new ways to reach an increasingly fragmented audience.

Students will study the success stories and discuss how their popular messaging can be used in advertising, campaigning, storytelling and entertainment.

What’s driving the explosion of this form of digital content? Is there a “recipe for success” for the material that managed to reach a larger audience? What lessons can people, companies and organizations that typically use and generate professional content draw from amateurs? Can it be monetized? Where is all this heading?

At the end of this course, we’ll be able to:
- Understand the motivation behind social production.
- Grasp how to leverage this motivation.
- Develop, design and pitch proposals using social production schemes.

This nascent subject matter is clearly in major transition. Since many of you have considerable media experience, I see this class as a joint learning effort as we all try and master this disruptive trend (it’s also the nature of what we’re studying!). So it will be in all of our best interests if you stay on top of the materials and contribute regularly to our discussions. Together, we may be able to reach some powerful conclusions.