ME 534A/B
SLN 15978/20295
Class time: TTh 10:30-11:50 MEB 237

Fluid Mechanics


Professor James J. Riley
office: MEB 314
tel: 543-5347
office hours: TTh 2:30-4:00 or by appointment

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Course Description

Overview of course; irrotational flow; water waves (shallow and deep water, wave dispersion, other properties); compressible flow (sound waves and shock waves); boundary layers, jets and wakes; flow instability; turbulence; some applications.


ME507/AA507 or equivalent, or permission from instructor

Syllabus (tentative)

1. Brief Review 2. Irrotational Flows (from Chapter 6; chapters mentioned are from Kundu et al.) 3. Water Waves (from Chapter 7) 4. Compressible Flows (from Chapter 16) 5. Boundary Layers and Related Flows (from Chapter 10) 6. Flow Instability (from Chapter 12) 7. Turbulence (from Chapter 13)


Fluid Mechanics, 5th Edition, by P. K. Kundu et al., Elsevier/Academic Press, or Incompressible Flow, 3rd Edition, by R. L. Panton, Wiley.

Recommended additional material: Multi-Media Fluid Mechanics 2nd Edition (DVD-ROM), by G. M. Homsy et al., Cambridge University Press. Click here for more information.

Recommended book with extensive visualizations: An Album of Fluid Motion by Milton van Dyke, Parabolic Press

Recommended link (also with nice visualizations):

Recommended video series by the National Committee for Fluid Mechanics Films: it is dated, but very educational:


Grading will be based upon homework, a mid-term, and a paper report in lieu of the final exam.


First day of class -- Tuesday, April 2nd
Midterm exam -- Thursday, May 9th
Memorial Day -- Monday, May 27th
Last day of class -- Thursday, June 6th
Report due -- Thursday, June 6th

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