ME 534
Class time: Tu Th 11:30-12:50 MEB 245

Advanced Graduate Fluid Mechanics



Professor Alberto Aliseda
office: MEB 306
tel: 543-4910
office hours: TuTh 1:00-2:30 pm or by appointment

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Course Description

This course is a follow up of ME507, Graduate Fluid Mechanics I. We will go in more depth into the concepts of boundary layers, including free shear flows, stability analysis in fluid mechanics and turbulence.

Lecture Notes

        Notes from the lectures will be available before class HERE


        Homework sets and solutions can be found HERE


        Statements and solutions for previous exams can be found HERE


ME507 or equivalent, or permission from instructor


    Weeks 1 - 3:                Boundary Layers and Free shear flows. Jets, wakes and mixing layers.
   Weeks 3 - 5:                Vorticity dynamics.
   Weeks 6 - 8:                  Stability theory.
   Weeks 8 - 10:                Turbulence.


1. Fluid Mechanics, 3rd Ed. by P. K. Kundu & I. M. Cohen, Academic Press (2007).

2. An Introduction to Fluid Mechanics, by G.K. Batchelor. Cambridge University Press (1967).

3. Hydrodynamic Stability, by P.G. Drazin & W.H. Reed. Cambridge University Press (1982).

4. Boundary Layer Theory, 8th Ed. by H. Schlichting. Springer (2000).

5. Turbulent Flows, by S. B. Pope. Cambridge University Press (2000).

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           Homework              40%
         Midterm                  30%
         Final                       30%

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