In the Fall of 2004, a new course was offered conjointly by the Department of Family Medicine and the School of Nursing. Thirty second-year Medical Students and ten graduate Nursing Students participated in this innovative selective aimed at reducing burnout and student stress.

This multidisciplinary course teaches multiple techniques of self-care to early medical , graduate nursing, and other health science students as space allows.   By learning and applying these techniques, it is anticipated that future care providers can reduce their own dissatisfaction, prevent burnout and therefore provide better care for their patients.  Students are made more aware of the mind-body connection and armed with skills they can teach their patients.

The two-credit course consists of approximately eight weekly three hour sessions.  Most sessions contain a didactic component followed by an experiential component, and cover a variety of self care techniques including meditation, exercise and nutrition.  Students are expected to practice these skills at home for the duration of the course, as well as turn in a one-page reflection on the progress they have made towards their stated goals.



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