"The longer I work with patients, the more I see the importance of mind-body-spirit connections to individual and community health. I want all health professional students to have the benefit of a solid foundation in these areas, for their own wellness as well as for their future patient's health."

- Mind-Body Skills Faculty member

Not all faculty serve in a given quarter. The list of faculty below includes current and some previous small group facilitators. Click on a faculty member name to view their profile.

Chris Adams, MD

Cora Breuner, MD

Marie-Annette Brown, PhD, ARNP, FAAN

Karan Dawson, PhD, MS, RPh

Claudia Finkelstein, MD

Jan Fite, PhD

Marcie Hamrick, MD

Molika Loshi, PhDc

Craig Scott, PhD

James Gary Trantham, MD

Frank Vincenzi, PhD


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