Registration is by permission only and limited to small numbers. First and second year Medical and second or third year Pharmacy students may request permission. Graduate students in Nursing, Social Work or Public Health may also request permission. To request an add code please send a brief letter of interest describing your personal and professional reasons for wanting to take the course to course chairman, Frank F. Vincenzi

Please also include your UW student ID number, your school and the order of your preference for either Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday morning section (0830-1120). Alternatively, you may request Wednesday evening section (1800-2050)
. Please also indicate any sections that will not fit into your schedule.


Students are required to attend each class session. The majority of the course is experiential and requires 100% attendence, except in exceptional circumstances with prior faculty approval. Students who do not fulfill the attendence requirement may choose to continue to attend the remainder of the sessions for no credit.


Students are required to write a letter of reflection upon completion of the course in order to receive credit. A 1-2 page reflection of your progress toward your stated goals should be emailed to the course chair at the end of the quarter:


Grading for the course is credit/no credit.



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