Ocean Circulation, (Fall 2009)

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Instructor: Paul Quay
Email: pdquay@u.washington.edu

Office: Rm 417 Ocean Sciences Building
Office Hours: After class or by appointment
Telephone: 206-685-8061


David Munro
email: dmunro@u.washington.edu
Office Hours: Tuesday 1-3pm, Thursday 4-6pm, OSB 410
Telephone: 206-221-6740

Noel Pelland
email: nap2@u.washington.edu
Office Hours: Tuesday 1-3pm, Thursday 4-6pm, OSB 410
Telephone: 206-221-6735

Meeting Times and Locations

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 11:30- 12:20pm in Rm 425 Ocean Science Bldg.

See Map for location of Ocean Science Building


Pictures from student cruise Oct. 23, 2009

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TA office hours are posted above.

The Excel help session will be held Tuesday at 4pm in OSB 310 (the conference room in the office wing of the 3rd floor of the same bldg in which we have class). Note that office hours next week will be merged with the help session. If you have other homework questions please come by after 5pm. Office hours will be held at the regularly scheduled time and place Thursday: 4-6pm in OSB 410.

The primary reading material will be a series of lecture notes and figures that will appear on this Web page. These should be brought to class.

The textbook is "Ocean Circulation" by Open University (2nd Ed. 2001) , which should be available at the bookstore, but it is not required.

There is also an online textbook available entitled "Introduction to Physical Oceanography"
by Robert Stewart.

Ocean's Deep Water Circulation

Send mail to: pdquay@washington.edu
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