Field Investigations in Oceanography
Ocean 220 - Spring Quarter 2014


This class focuses on active learning, deployment of instruments, data collection, interpretation and presentation. You will design and conduct a field study in oceanography.


  1. You will perform independent research under the tutelage of an advisor. Oceanographic data will be collected, analyzed, and interpreted by the students.
  2. You will have opportunities to develop interpersonal skills and a sense of how individual research is conducted within a larger framework. You will participate in fieldwork on the R/V Barnes and work together to produce a data set for all to use.
  3. You will write a final report in the form of a journal article that allows you to place your results in context with previous findings of the larger scientific community. You will need to develop your scientific writing skills and to be able to follow a style guide for a particular journal.
  4. You will present your research in a public venue - the Ocean 220 Symposium - at the end of the quarter.

You can learn more about the research conducted by the class by reading these general project descriptions.

Email Michelle Townsend ( if you have questions about enrolling in this course, or if you wish to make substitutions in the pre-reqs. The pre-req is Ocean 200 or Ocean/Fish/Biol 250.

This course is a requirement for oceanography majors, an oceanography elective for the marine biology minor and is strongly advised for all students studying geology, fisheries, oceanography, environmental biology and civil engineering.

Class meets 1:30-2:50

Tuesdays - 425 OSB
Thursdays - 111 OSB


Gabrielle Rocap

Chuck Nittrouer

Al Devol

Curtis Deutsch

Kathy Newell