Spring 2010

Graduate-level seminars in Biological Oceanography offer opportunities to participate in lectures, discussions, and research projects on topics of special interest.


Seminar offerings vary each quarter. The list at right describes the seminars to be offered in Spring 2010.


See descriptions of past seminar offerengs here . Contact individual professors or the Oceanography main office to inquire about future seminars.


  • OCEAN 539 A

    Current Theory and Research

    This is the weekly Biological Oceanography lunchtime seminar. View Schedule

    Meeting Times: Tuesday 11:30-12:30. 1 credit.

    Organiser: John Baross


  • OCEAN 539 B, SLN 15675

    Modeling Populations in the Ocean

    Meeting times: Monday 2:00-3:50, Friday 1:30-2:20. 3 credits.

    Instructor: Danny Grünbaum, grunbaum@ocean.washington.edu, 1-6594

    Synopsis: This course will introduce oceanographers and ecologists to the mathematical concepts and modeling methods most central to posing and answering quantitative questions about biological processes in marine environments. The course will will consist of lectures, literature readings and computer lab exercises that familiarize students with theoretical background and modeling software (Matlab, Maple, FreeMat, FiPy) relevant to population dynamics, population structure, physical biology and other subject areas tailored to the interests of class participants.

This course is open to graduate students, and advanced undergraduates with the permission of the instructor.

Prerequisites: Calculus. Prior programming experience or mathematical training beyond calculus is not required. Determination and a high level of interactivity with the instructor and with other students will be expected.