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Spatial Information Technologies Geospatial Pattern Analysis and Geostatistics Coastal Ocean Remote Sensing

Ocean 452/Fish453




Ocean 497/590:




Course Overview :

This introductory course is design for students seeking experience with the technologies of GPS, GIS, and Remote Sensing in a research setting.  Participants will collect field measurements and observations, import those data into a geographic information system and investigate relationships with data products they derive from satellite images. ... read more. 




 Course Overview:

This intermediate to advanced course addresses the application of geospatial data analysis and geostatistics in ocean and coastal research. The course is ideally suited for those students who seek to develop more in-depth skills and an advanced understanding of the concepts behind modern tools for detecting, describing, and estimating spatial patterns and trends in natural phenomena. ... read more.



 Course Overview:

The focus of this course is the application of satellite based remote sensing theory and image processing techniques in research of ocean and coastal dynamics.  Students will gain an extensive overview of the physical properties of ocean, coastal, and terrestrial influence in satellite based earth observations, as well as applied skills in image processing techniques of current space bases sensors. ... read more.