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Microbial Organic Geochemistry at UW
Course Materials
School of Oceanography 522, Winter 2007
Marine Organic Geochemistry

Instructor: Anitra Ingalls

Office: Ocean Sciences Building, 511
Office Hours: TBA
Telephone: 206 221 6748

TTh 1:30-2:50; Ocean Sciences Building 425
Course Description:
This course with examine the sources and fates of organic molecules in the marine environment. Some of the questions we will address during the course include: How is organic matter produced and degraded in the environment? How is organic matter preserved? What can biomarkers and their isotopic composition tell us about the past? What analytical methods do organic geochemists use to answer these questions?
Course readings will include primary research articles, review articles and occasional textbook readings.
Each week there will be one lecture and one discussion section. Students will be expected to participate in and lead discussions of the reading. Each student will prepare a written NSF style proposal and an in class presentation on a topic of their choice. This clas is taught every other year.

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