"The Mac (OS X 10.2) User Note" [From TITUS with some minor editing by OTAP]

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The 10 Unicode commands for "TITUS Cyberbit Basic" users on Mac OS X version 10.2:

  1. Do upgrade to version 10.2, but do "Custom Install" for additional language support, when installing/upgrading to Mac OS X 10.2 - there is more language support beyond the usual default installation!
  2. Activate your keyboard(s) in "System Preferences/International/Input Menu" - and activate "Character Palette", "U.S. Extended" and "Unicode Hex Input"!
  3. You can install (the ".ZIP" version only please) "TITUS Cyberbit Basic" in one of three "Fonts" folders on Mac OS X 10.2 - but "Users/~/Library/Fonts" is best for handling later!
  4. It's critical to use Unicode savvy text applications. While in text mode with the cursor set, have a look at the "Input Menu". "U.S. Extended" and "Unicode Hex Input" should be available; otherwise forget about your application, it will not work! Cocoa applications will do, but no MS Office or other MS application for Mac OS X work with Unicode! And Adobe is restricted to some OT features "inside" Indesign only.
  5. A Unicode compatible web browser for MAC OS X is "OmniWeb 4.1" (by OmniGroup) downloadable from: http://www.omnigroup.com
  6. More known usable text editors are Apple "TextEdit", "Mail" and "Create" (Graphic/Layout/Web application from "Stone Studio").
  7. Other Unicode savvy applications are available from "Apple", "Softmagic", "Caffeine", "Omni Group", "Stone Design" etc.
  8. While editing text then, beware of "tricky" font hierarchy handling- best is to first set the default font as "TITUS Cyberbit Basic" font if possible! Or de-install conflicting font(s) - have a look at the "utf8site" for it! If a character doesn't show correctly, there might be a font conflict: verify in the "utf8site" and clean up then!
  9. Get organized by cultivating your favorite special characters in Apple's "Character Palette" from "Input Menu" - or if you are accustomed to the legendary PopChar, then download/install Version "X 1.3" which will work for the "TITUS Cyberbit Basic" font: http://www.macility.com/downloads
  10. Become accustomed to studying Unicode Standard with "utf8site" at: and/or "Unicode Checker" and/or "Unicode Font Info" available for free from "VersionTracker" http://www.versiontracker.com/macosx/index.shtml.

Herbert Elbrecht | SIRoman

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