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From walterandrews@attbi.com Tue Apr 22 09:25:38 2003
Date: Sat, 19 Apr 2003 07:19:09 -0700
From: Walter Andrews
Subject: Number 10 - Newsletter 4-18-03

Dear OTAP group,

We have been waiting for some time to send out another newsletter, hoping to have some positive news about our funding request from NEH. Unfortunately we were not funded, apparently for several reasons which I will refer to indirectly below. But first our progress report.

The problem we face now is that our funding will be running out this spring. This does not mean that the projects will come to an end, it just means that we will need to spend more time seeking support and less time actually working on the archive and dictionary. We will, however, take a close look at the project and decide if it has enough support in the scholarly community to make it worthwhile continuing to develop it. Among the things we (and you) need to think about are these:

We would very much appreciate hearing from you on any of these topics. At this point we need the help and support of everyone who has any interest in seeing this project succeed.

Our best wishes to all of you,

For the OTAP Staff
Walter G. Andrews


University of Washington
Dept. of Near Eastern Languages and Civilization
229 Denny Hall
Box 353120
Seattle, WA 98195-3120
Box 353120

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