How to Contribute

Notes For Contributors The Ottoman Text Archive/Edition Project welcomes submissions of transliterated Ottoman texts in electronic format for inclusion in the archive. Follow these steps to prepare a document for the archive:

  1. MARK the structure of your text with basic XML tags. For more information on XML click Tutorial
  2. CONVERT the accented characters in the Ottoman document to ASCII symbols. CLICK here to see the symbol chart.SAVE the texts with the html tags and symbols as a plain text only.
  3. PROVIDE background information about your text.
  4. SEND your text directly by:

    EMAIL otap@u.washington.edu

    POST save it to a disk and send to:

    Box 353120 229 Denny Hall University of Washington
    Seattle, WA 98195

  5. CLICK here for model texts.
  6. View your submitted text HERE.