Viewing the Texts


Using Your Browser to View the Texts on this Site

We rely on simple Unicode fonts that must be downloaded to the user's computer. Unicode is already becoming a standard for fonts and versions can easily be downloaded in formats readable by all (or almost all) platforms.

For those who want to view the texts being (slowly) added to our website they will need to set their browsers for Unicode. On the browser Menu Bar:

  1. Click: View --> Character Set/Encoding
  2. Select: Unicode (UTF-8).

Download one of the following fonts:

Some Windows XP users and others, who have Microsoft Publisher or MS Office 2000 installed, may have Arial Unicode MS. This font can be selected to view OTAP texts. This will also enable you to view other sites with Unicode fonts.

Helpful hint: if you are looking at a site and you get little boxes instead of characters, you do not have the right font on your computer. If you get question marks, you do not have your browser set for the right encoding. And remember to reset your browser's encoding for other, non-Unicode sites.

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Accepting these restrictions is a condition of entering the website.