Güfti - Shah u Dervish (King and Beggar)


Güfti - Shah u Dervish (King and Beggar)

Başlık/Title: Shah u Dervish (King and Beggar)
Yazar/Author: Güfti
Editör/Editor: Murat Umut Inan
Edisyon/Edition: Elektronik edisyon/Electronic edition
Sorumluluk/Responsibility: OTAP
Kapsam/Extent: 628 couplets, total of 19 leaves
Katip/Scribe: Yahya
Yazılış tarihi/Date of composition: 1650 (C.E.)
Kopyalanma tarihi/Date of copying: 1655 (C.E.)
Telif/Copyright: OTAP
Notlar/Notes: -
Kaynak/Source: Yapı Kredi Research Library, Istanbul, Turkey, MS 599-1

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