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ChemE 220 – Spring 2009

Introduction to Molecular and Nanoscale Principles

Course Coordinator: Professor René M. Overney

245 Benson, 206-543-4353, E-mail the instructor


Teaching Assistant / Grader: Ursula Koniges

UG Lobby Benson (Fri 2:30), E-mail TA



M/W/F: 10:30-11:20, BNS 115

F (Recitation): 12:30-1:20, CHL 105


Office Hours:


Overney (BNS 245):        Wed 11:30-1:00 (drop in)


Koniges (UG Lobby):        Fri 2:30-3:30 (drop in)    



Course Textbook: Nanotechnology – Understanding Small Systems

                               by B. Rogers et al., CRC Press (2007)


Prerequisites:  Either CHEM 142 or CHEM 145; either MATH 126,

                             MATH 129, or MATH 136; and PHYS 121



Course Description

The course provides an introduction to nanotechnology and nanoscience based on fundamental principles. It introduces the students to macroscopic limits of material properties and molecular structures, interaction forces, molecular transport properties, thermodynamic principles, cooperative and nanoscale phenomena, and device and process technologies.


Specific Course Objectives:

o       introduce theories and concepts of nanoscale systems based on fundamental principles,

o      give students an appreciation for the importance of nanotechnology in science and engineering,

o      provide a basis for continuing education in molecular and nanoscale science and engineering, and

o      raise awareness of the technological and societal transformation anticipated through nanotechnological progress in the near future.


Within the framework of the new accreditation procedure (ABET) it is measured with weekly homework and exams, whether students master the theories and concepts of nanoscale systems.

Course Credit

Course credit is based on the performance in Homework (10 %), Midterms (50 %) and Final Exam (40%).



Two one-hour midterm exams  and a two-hour comprehensive final exam. All examinations are required, and there will be no make-ups. Missing an examination or not turning one in is graded as a failure (0.0).



Weekly, assigned on Monday and due the following Monday at the beginning of the lecture. The Homework Assignments and Solutions are posted at

HW is graded based on effort! To pass this course a 75 % HW score is required.


Required Readings

Assigned as part of the homework.

Schedule Details


Mar. 30      Instructions begin



Apr. 22      Midterm Exam 1



May 22      Midterm Exam 2

May 25      Holiday



June 5         Last day of instruction

June 8         Final Exam: Monday, 8:30-10:20 a.m. (BNS 115)

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Course Outline


Homework Assignment and Posted Homework Solutions




If any student has a learning disability or other special needs, please inform the instructor the first week of class so we can make special arrangements to accommodate you.