Momentum Heat and Mass Transfer
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ChemE 530 – Momentum Heat and Mass Transfer - Autumn, 2017

Course Instructor: René M. Overney

245 Benson, E-mail the instructor



Teaching Assistant(s):

Ian Braly (, E-mail

      MolES 120, (206) 543-5556

Ryan Stoddard (, E-mail

      MolES 120, (206) 543-5556



Lecture M/T/W: 9:30-10:20, BNS 203

Recitation (mandatory): Th 9:30-10:20, BNS 203

Exams (some of the Quizzes): F 9:30-10:20, BNS 203


Office Hours:

Overney (BNS 245): Tue 11:30-1:30 (open door)

Ian (MolES 120):      Wed 1:30-2:30

Ryan (MolES 120):   Wed 2:30-3:30


Course Textbook: Analysis of Transport Phenomena, 2nd Ed. (2011), William M. Deen, Oxford Univ. Press



Course Description

Molecular transport properties and derivation of the differential equations of mass, energy, and momentum transport. This course builds on an undergraduate experience in transport involving mass, energy and momentum.


Course Credit, Exams and Homework

Course credit is based on

- Course Participation (Homework, Quizzes, Participation in Class) (30%),

- 2 Exams (70%)   (equal weight, so each exam = 35%)


Examinations and Quizzes:

- Two one-hour Exams (open book, closed notes). Scheduled on Fridays. See schedule below. Note: a hardcopy course textbook is required for this course

- Weekly Quizzes on Thursdays (not in Exam weeks or Thanksgiving week)

   Quizzes are based on problems and materials from the lecture and prior homework. The weakest quiz score will be dropped. There will be no make-ups.


Quizzes are taken on Thursdays (with possible exceptions on Fridays on a need basis), and Exams are scheduled on Fridays.


Missing an exam or quiz or not turning one in is graded as a failure (0.0).




Weekly, assigned on Thursdays and due the following Thursday at the beginning of the recitation lecture. Homework assignments and solutions are posted at 


Each HW will be evaluated based on effort.

Required Readings

From Course Textbook in parallel to lecture and homework assignments.

Schedule Details


Sept. 27     Instructions begin



Oct. 27      Exam 1 (Friday)



Nov. 10     Holiday (Veterans Day)

Nov. 23-24 Holiday (Thanksgiving)



Dec. 8        Exam 2 (Friday)


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Course Outline

Homeworl / Quizzes Assignments and posted Homework Solutions


Deen Textbook Errata



If any student has a learning disability or other special needs, please inform the instructor the first week of class so we can make special arrangements to accommodate you.