Nanoscience I

Rheology, Contact Mechanics, and Interactions

in Confined Mesoscale Systems
ChemE 554


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ChemE 554 – Nanoscience I – Winter, 2013

Course Coordinator: Professor René M. Overney

245 Benson, E-mail the instructor




Lecture Tue/Thu: 1:30-2:50, CHL 015


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Course Textbook: Intermolecular & Surface Forces,

3rd Ed., J.N. Israelachvili, Academic Press, Boston (2011)



Course Description

As technology is moving towards interfaces, today’s major challenge is to find common denominators to describe exotic material and transport properties on the sub-100-nanometer scale. Thereby, our multifaceted attempts converge on the new discipline called Nanoscience. This course provides an introduction to this new field. Students will be introduced to molecular theories and concepts fundamental to material and transport properties in gases, liquids and solids. A particular focus is on Mechanics and Rheology on the nanoscale, and on critical length scales relevant for nanotechnological applications. Students will learn about thermodynamic driving forces, kinetics and transition states, structure properties, intermolecular interactions, and about and one of the most influential nanoscale methods – scanning probe microscopy (e.g., atomic force microscopy). Concerning materials, the main focus will be on organic materials from polymers, colloidal systems to proteins.


Course Credit

Course credit will be based on reasonable attendance and participation in Homework assignments (10%), Examinations (Exam 1, 30%) and (Exam 2, 30%), and Paper (30%) (see Instruction),

Required Readings

Course textbook and handouts.

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8           Instructions begin

17           Hand-in Paper Choice



5           Exam 1

14           Paper rough draft due

19           Work on paper

28           Paper due



14            Exam 2 – Last day of Instruction

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To accommodate students with a learning disability or other special needs, please inform the instructor the first week of class so that special arrangements can be made.