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Nanoscience and Molecular Engineering  (NME) 



NME Option Multidisciplinary Lecture – NME498/ChemE599

Molecular Engineering and Science


Fall  2012 - Tuesday/Thursday 1:30 – 2:50 p.m., LOW 118



Lectures & Lecture material




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Supporting Labs



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MEMS Laboratory


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Heteroepitaxal Growth Lab


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Non Linear Optical Lab


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Molecular Biomimetics Lab







NUE Programs



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Course Coordinator: Professor René M. Overney

245 Benson, E-mail the coordinator

206-543-4353, FAX 206-543-3778



Office Hours:


Overney (BNS 245):   Tuesday 12:30-13:30 (drop in)

                                     or e-mail for appointment


Course Material:  Provided in class and/or as Handouts on this site


Prerequisites:  N/A



Course Description

This is an interdisciplinary course for graduate and senior undergraduate student in the physical, chemical and biological sciences, and in engineering at the University of Washington. Students are introduced by leaders in the field to multiple aspects of molecular sciences and their transformative impact.

Course Credit

Course credit is based on Course Participation (20 %), Exam 1 (40%) and Exam 2 (40%).



Two one-hour closed notes exams. All examinations are required, and there will be no make-ups. Missing an examination or not turning one in is graded as a failure (0.0).


Homework Assignments and Solutions are posted on this WEB site.


Required Readings

Assigned for each section.


Important Dates

Lectures: See Outline for Details



Sept. 24     Instructions begin



Oct. 2        No Lecture



Nov.  1      Exam 1 (LOW 118)

Nov.  22     Holiday



Dec. 6     Exam 2 (LOW 118)

Course Links


Course Schedule, Material, Homework Assignments and Solutions


If any student has a learning disability or other special needs, please inform the instructor the first week of class so we can make special arrangements to accommodate you.