Program on Climate Change 588, Winter 2009
Global Carbon Cycle and Greenhouse Gases

For info about the format of the papers and oral presentations, please see the syllabus: Papers should be 5-10 pages (1.5 spacing) with greater than 10 references.

Papers are due on Friday March 13 (before 5pm). Please e-mail a PDF of your paper to Julian or Lyatt.

The oral presentations will be 10 minutes each, with another 2 minutes for questions.

Here is the schedule:

Thursday March 12 2009 12pm

Rei Ueyama "Stratospheric water vapor trend and causes" Paper  Presentation

Monday March 16 2009 12-1:30pm

Kevin Ford "Effects of elevated CO2 and climate change on the ability of terrestrial vegetation to server as a C sink" Paper

Mark Zelinka "Efficacy of iron fertilization as a mitigation strategy" Paper

Sandra Penny "Southern ocean CO2 uptake due to changing surface winds" Paper  Figures

Nick Ward "Riverine Carbon Cycling" Paper

Caroline Pew "Destabilization of CH4 hydrates due to warming" Paper

Kirsten Feifel "CH4 storage in the ocean by bacteria-archae AOM + possible change in the future" Paper

Amanda Tan "Mitigation solutions for CH4 emissions" Paper

Tuesday March 17 2009   12-1:30pm

Kevin Tempest "Greenhouse gas emissions by activity sector" Paper

Aaron Donohoe "Radiative forcing of ozone" Paper

Justin Minder "Aerosol radiative forcing and the hydrological cycle" Paper

Maurizio Di Pierro "CO2 changes during the ice ages" Paper

Alyssa Atwood "Leads and lags of temperature and greenhouse gas concentrations between the northern and southern hemispheres during the last deglaciation" Paper

Dan Nelson "Relationship between D-O events and atmospheric CO2 during the last glacial" Paper

Seth Bushinsky "O2/N2 ratios as tracers of marine and terrestrial CO2 uptake" Paper

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