Physics 505 - Classical Mechanics - winter 2017

  Instructor: Laurence G. Yaffe []
  Office Hours: Friday 1:30-3:00, PAB B404
  TA: Liyuan Zheng []
  TA Office Hours: Monday 2:00-4:00, PAB B157
  Lectures: 9:30-10:50pm TTh, A114

Recommended books:

Landau and Lifshitz, Mechanics
Kibble and Berkshire, Classical Mechanics

Problem sets and solutions will be posted to the Catalyst workspace. New assignments will appear most every week, and will generally be due on [TBD]. Homework problems will receive two independent scores: a correctness score, typically 0 or 10, and a presentation score, typically in the range [0,10]. Relevant factors are clarity of explanations, flow of logic, proper english, legibility, proper acknowledgements and references of help or sources. Homework scores will count for a significant fraction of the grade. You are encouraged to discuss problems with fellow students, with our TA, or with me, but solutions must be your own work and you must be prepared to explain your work in class.