Pharmacology Pharmacology

Sample Schedule

The Pharmacology 402 course lecture schedule listed below is from 2013. A current schedule will be available through UW Canvas each Winter Quarter.

Month Date Day Lecture Instructor
Jan7MIntroduction to the Nervous SystemStorm
 9WNeuromuscular JunctionStorm
 10ThConference/No Quiz TAs
 11FIntroduction to Autonomic Nervous SystemStorm
 14MMuscarinic Agonists and Antagonists Storm
 16WSympathetic Nervous System/AgonistsStorm
 18FAdrenergic Antagonists/Neuron Blockers Storm
 21MUniversity Holiday (Martin Luther King) No Class
 23WElectrophysiology of the HeartCatterall
 25FAnti-Arrhythmics ICatterall
 28MAnti-Arrhythmics IICatterall
 30WRegulation of Cardiac OutputHague
 31ThConference/Quiz TAs
Feb1FNitrovasodilators and AnginaHague
 4MHeart Failure, Cardiotonics and DigitalisHague
 6WDigitalis Continued Hague
 8FMidterm Exam 
 13WHypertension and AntihypertensivesHague
 14ThConference/Quiz TAs
 18MUniversity Holiday (President's Day) No Class
 20WAnti-Parkinson's DrugsHamblin
 21ThConference/Quiz TAs
 28ThConference/Quiz TAs
Mar1FNarcotic AnalgesicsGardner
 4MNon-Narcotic AnalgesicsGardner
 7ThConference/Quiz TAs
 14ThReview for Final Exam TAs
 18MFINAL EXAM - 8:30 AM - 10:20 AM  
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