Pharmacology Pharmacology

Current Topics in Pharmacology 1999-2000 Schedule

Meets:  Wednesdays 12:30 PM
Room:  Room T-530/530A HSB

6 Stan McKnight Metered on-RAMPs for receptors headed to the membrane
13 Dan Gallagher Learning your ABC's: The role of Rim Protein in vision
20 Christian Wade Prancer's Story: the genetics of narcolepsy
27 Heidi Iverson Frankenstem Cells
3 Jeremy Celver Transcription factor MEF2: Role in Apoptosis
10 Weiru Chang Slit--The bifunctional guidance cue for Robo receptor
17 Canceled
24 Sara Muchinsky The effects of chronic cocaine use in the nucleus accumbens: Fos related antigen (FRA) induction and PKA activation
1 Sandy Bajjalieh S'wonderful Synuclein--that you should cause PD
8 Jeff Miller Building a better signaling pathway: Regulation of MAPK signaling by scaffold proteins
5 Bill Catterall ROCs and SOCs: Interaction of IP3 Receptors and trp Calcium Channels in Capacitative Calcium Entry
12 Bill Watt Probing the Physical Intimacy of GPCR's Liason with Ras: An Expose of Promiscuity
19 Scott Auerbach VHL: A Tumor Suppressor Like No Other
26 Mike Nolan MS: Development of the Autoimmune Disease and Promising New Treatments
2 Kimberly Burton Telomeres: influencing the rate of aging
9 Rejean Idzerda Programming stem cells to treat human disorders: does Christopher Reeve have cause for optimism?
16 George Laszlo Gephyrin, collybistin, molybdoenzymes, and other polypeptides that are hard too spel: the new complexity of the glycine receptor signaling machine
23 Victor Pineda 'I must be drunk. I forgot what channel I'm on.' -- Ion channels as molecular targets of ethanol.
1 Joe Beavo Sense and antisense working together: the case for RNAi
8 Canceled
15 Open
22 Open
29 Jennifer Glick Peripheral Effects of Leptin
5 Margaret Allen Homocysteine Thiolactone Hydrolase: The missing link in the homocysteine model of atherosclerosis?
12 Traci Hilton Quality Control in the Endoplasmic Reticulum: Recognition of Misfolded Proteins
19 Edith Wang Reeling CASK, a membrane associated protein, into the nucleus
26 Todd Scheuer Go or Nogo: Inhibition of Axon Regeneration by CNS Myelin
3 Neil Nathanson Reelin' in the signal transduction pathway for cortical development: a little Dab is enough to make you go Ape-O
10 Sarah Hallagan The Role of Cholesterol in Sonic Hedgehog Signaling
17 Open
24 Bruce Tempel Presto - Chango; Using voltage to change cell size
31 Natalie Glavas Identification of novel viral targets for treatment of HIV-1 infection
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