Pharmacology Pharmacology

Current Topics in Pharmacology 2000-2001 Schedule

Meets:  Wednesdays 12:30 PM
Room:  T-473 HSB

4 Stan McKnight A CRE-LOX Assault on the Insulin Receptor
11 Katie Day Sexual Repression: does methylation kill the Mojo??
18 Cindy Reiner Cash in on ATM signalling
25 Danielle Ippolito Making the Silence Painful: Using LTP to define a role for silent glutamatergic synapses in nociception
1 Doug Howe Stem Cells and CNS cell transplant therapy
8 Kavita Shah An Evolutionary and Functional Rationale for Hormonal Regulation of Osteoporosis
15 Charles Chavkin An Exciting Role for a Phosphate Transporter
22 Lisa Walter What an ICE idea: Caspase inhibition as a potential treatment of neurodegenerative disorders
29 Drew Mhyre Dendritic Spines: The Other Side of the Synapse
6 Canceled
3 William Catterall Just SNARE 'em: Reconstitution of Vesicle Fusion from Pure Proteins
10 Jeremy Celver A toll for the innate immune system: Immune cell activation by CpG DNA
17 Scott Auerbach The Role of Nuclear Receptors FXR and LXR in Cholesterol Homeostasis
24 Heidi Iverson A Tasty Talk: The umami and bitter taste receptors
31 Kimberly Burton Genetic Analysis of Male Infertility
7 Valeria Vasta SURVIVOR 3: Cells are Voted Out by Trophic Factor Deprivation
14 Susan Hamilton Purging the Plaques"; Reductions in plaque burden and cognitive deficits by Aß immunization in mouse models of Alzheimers
21 Jennifer Fitzpatrick SIR2: A Metabolic Sensor for Aging
28 Open
7 Joe Beavo Protease activated receptors: PAR for the course
28 Margaret Allen Insulin release from ß -Cells: cAMP dependent, PKA dependent , PKA anchored and cAMP dependent, PKA independent mechanisms
4 Nephi Stella Sphingosine 1-phosphate induces cell motility: lets move on!
11 Randall Moon Signal Transduction on the Web: Comparing STKE, Biocarta & AFCS
18 Edith Wang Sequencing of the Human Genome
25 Jennifer Glick Ghrelin, the newest player in body weight regulation
2 Neil Nathanson The Ins and Outs of Glutamate Receptors: Making Silent Synapses Shout and Shouting Synapses Shut Up
9 Ben Cheyette Opposites attract...or repel...or both: Axon guidance through the looking glass
16 Open
23 Bruce Tempel Interesting targeting of SODIUM channels (concessions of a K channel guy)
30 Sandy Bajjalieh A old pore returns to the fore: The vacuolar proton pump and membrane fusion
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