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Current Topics in Pharmacology
Phcol 514
12:30 PM, Wednesday, May 7, 2003
Room T-473 HSC

Speaker: Neil Nathanson
Topic: Myelin is Not Just for Electricians: Myelin and p75 Make Your Axons No-Go


  1. Corinna Lappe-Siefke, Sandra Goebbels, Michel Gravel, Eva Nicksch, John Lee, Peter E. Braun Ian R. Griffiths, and Klaus-Armin Nave. Disruption of Cnp1 uncouples oligodendroglial functions in axonal support and myelination. Nat Genet. March 2003; 33(3): 366-74.

  2. Binhai Zheng, Carole Ho, Shuxin Li, Hans Keirstead, Oswald Steward, and Marc Tessier-Lavigne. Lack of enhanced spinal regeneration in nogo-deficient mice. Neuron. April 24, 2003; 38(2): 213-24.

  3. Marjo Simonen, Vera Pedersen, Oliver Weinmann, Lisa Schnell, Armin Buss, Birgit Ledermann, Franziska Christ, Gilles Sansig, Herman van der Putten, and Martin E. Schwab. Systemic deletion of the myelin-associated outgrowth inhibitor nogo-a improves regenerative and plastic responses after spinal cord injury. Neuron. April 24, 2003; 38(2): 201-11.

  4. Ji-Eun Kim, Shuxin Li, Tadzia GrandPre, Dike Qiu, and Stephen M. Strittmatter. Axon regeneration in young adult mice lacking nogo-a/b. Neuron. April 24, 2003; 38(2): 187-99.

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  7. Scott T. Wong, John R. Henley, Kevin C. Kanning, Kuo-hua Huang, Mark Bothwell, and Mu-ming Poo. A p75(NTR) and Nogo receptor complex mediates repulsive signaling by myelin-associated glycoprotein. Nat Neurosci. December 2002; 5(12): 1302-8.

  8. Fournier AE, GrandPre T, Strittmatter SM. Identification of a receptor mediating Nogo-66 inhibition of axonal regeneration. Nature. 2001 Jan 18; 409(6818): 341-6.

  1. Clifford J. Woolf. No nogo. Now where to go? Neuron. April 24, 2003; 38(2): 153-6.

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