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Current Topics in Pharmacology
Phcol 514
12:30 PM, Wednesday, May 21, 2003
Room T-473 HSC

Speaker: Todd Scheuer
Topic: Fleeting Memories: Short-Term Synaptic Facilitation and Its Control by Intracellular Calcium


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  2. Felix Felmy, Erwin Neher, and Ralf Schneggenburger. Probing the intracellular calcium sensitivity of transmitter release during synaptic facilitation. Neuron. May 6, 2003; 37(5): 801-811.

  3. A. Rozov, N. Burnashev, B. Sakmann, and E. Neher. Transmitter release modulation by intracellular Ca2+ buffers in facilitating and depressing nerve terminals of pyramidal cells in layer 2/3 of the rat neocortex indicates a target cell-specific difference in presynaptic calcium dynamics. J Physiol. March 15, 2001; 531(pt 3), 807-826.

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