Pharmacology Pharmacology

Current Topics in Pharmacology 2002-2003 Schedule

Meets:  Wednesdays 12:30 PM
Room:  T-473 HSB

2 Stan McKnight Do you Guggul? Traditional Hindu Medicine Gives us a Drug for Hypercholesterolemia
9 Eiron Cudaback Adhesion Molecules in Synaptogenesis and CNS Specific Connectivity
16 Kristin Eckel Ets Transcription in the Neuron- Directing Synapse Specificity
23 Laura Beth Johnson Anxiety and Agression in Neural Cell Adhesion Molecule Deficient Mice
30 Lorna Kategaya War on Malaria
6 Sunil Laxman A Final Chance to Contain Malaria. Searching for an Antimalarial Vaccine
13 Charles Chavkin Feverish New Findings on NSAID Action
20 Jennifer Wacker Recent Developments in Gene Therapy for Parkinson's Disease
27 Misty Marshall Interactions of Neuronal Calcium Sensors and G Protein-Coupled Receptor Kinases
4 Nephi Stella Before Eating You, I'll Have to Kill You
11 Janet Lowe Ravers Beware: MDMA Induced Neurotoxicity and the Role of Dopamine
8 William Catterall Potassium Channel Gating: An Open and Shut Case
15 Mike Weisenhaus Discovery of a language gene...You don't say!
22 Xi Chen Think about longevity? Think IGF-1 Receptor.
29 Danielle Ippolito Cardiovascular Disease: Emerging Roles for Renegade Inflammation in Atherosclerosis
5 James Surapisitchat Regulation of T-cell Signaling by Alternative Splicing of the Receptor-like Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase CD45
19 Paul Muchowski Bring Some Chips and Learn About CHIP: a U-box-containing E3 Ligase for Misfolded Proteins
26 Stephane Angers Circadian Genes and Cancer?
5 Sandra Bajjalieh Canceled
2 Misol Ahn Heparin-binding EGF-like Growth Factor and Heart Function
9 Ning Zheng Better-Behaving Chaperones?
16 Joseph Beavo Double Stranded RNA: Natural Product, Versatile Analytic Tool, and Therapeutic Reagent
23 Edith Wang Unraveling Heterochromatin Formation and Gene Silencing
30 Jennifer O'Brien How Does a Sperm Find the Egg? It Nose to Use Common Scents and Follow its Instinks.
7 Neil Nathanson Myelin is Not Just for Electricians: Myelin and p75 Make Your Axons No-Go
14 Terri Gilbert Consciousness: Objectively... What Can We Say About It?
21 Todd Scheuer Fleeting Memories: Short-Term Synaptic Facilitation and Its Control by Intracellular Calcium
28 Bruce Tempel Planar Polarity - Can You Hear Me?
4 Randall Moon Chemical Genetics/Chemogenomics: Genetic Approaches Come to Drug Discovery
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