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Current Topics in Pharmacology 2004-2005 Schedule

Meets:  Wednesdays 12:30 PM
Room:  T-473 HSB

October 6 Stanley McKnight Genes, GREs, and Steroids: The Ballet
 13 Aaron Nudelman Remembering Christopher Reeve: Promoting Neuronal Regeneration After Spinal Cord Injury
 20 Todd Scheuer Too Much of a Good Thing: Timothy Syndrome Highlights the Role of Calcium Channels in Development
 27 Dan Morgan The Neuroendocrine Precursor Goes Through Puberty: Growing Pains Associated with Pro-protein Maturation
November 3 Charley Chavkin How Does Lithium Work?
 10 Paul Amieux The Melanophore: A Model System for Organelle Transport
 17 Frank Yu Acidotoxicity: Ca Entry Through ASIC1a and Neuronal Damage Following Ischemic Stroke
December 1 Nephi Stella Where Do Brain Tumors Stem From?
 8 Bruce Tempel TRPs at the Tips
January 5 William Catterall Pumping Ion: Structure of the Ca-ATPase SERCA-1 in Each State of its Pump Cycle
 12 Travis Biechele Help! I'm stuck! Throw me a ligand!: Therapies for Diseases of Protein Misfolding
 19 Alexandra Few Munc13s: Multiple Modes of Short-term Synaptic Plasticity
 26 Ning Zheng Exit Here If You Don't Make It: Protein Retro-Translocation Across the ER Membrane
February 2 Paige Cundiff Vita-Meata-VEGF: A New Hope in the Treatment of ALS
 9 Seth Goldenberg Moving towards a complete picture of the nuclear transport cycle: Recent crystallography, single molecule imaging, and quantitative modeling studies
 16 Open
 23 Martha Port Sex, Lies and Betrayal: The Secret Lives of Angiotensin-converting Enzymes
March 2 Randall Moon
 9 Andrew Chien Lawyers, Drugs, and Money: Retirement Account Prophylaxis for the Aspiring Pharmacologist
April 6 Joseph Beavo Diabetes? Take Two Aspirin and Call Back Later
 13 Paul Muchowski I Am Going to Wash That Gray Right Out of My Hair... With Melanocyte Stem Cells
 20 Frank Vincenzi And Now for Something Different: A Peek Under the Tent Flap of the Carnival Known as Mind-Body Medicine
 27 Edith Wang 'Super Baby' Provides New Hopes for Muscular Dystrophy Treatment
May 4 Tom Hinds Got Alzheimer's? Try the Fish Curry...
 11 Neil Nathanson Neural Regulation of the Immune System via the Inflammatory Reflex: Why the Marlboro Man Didn't Die of Sepsis
 18 Kimberly Burton What Do Blood Pressure and Fertility Have in Common?
 25 Ben Major The Transcriptional Signature of 'Good and Bad' Cancers Reconciles Two Different Models of How Metastatic Cancer Arises
June 1 Open
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