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Current Topics in Pharmacology
Phcol 514
12:30 PM, Wednesday, March 1, 2006
Room T-473 HSC

Speaker: Anna Burkhart
Topic: Think Pink! Targeting the Aromatase P450 Gene in the Treatment of Female Breast Cancer


  1. Deb S, Jianfeng Z, Amin SA, Gonca IA, Bertan YM, Zihong L, Bulun SE. A novel role of sodium butyrate in the regulation of cancer-associated aromatase promoters I.3 and II by disrupting a transcriptional complex in breast adipose fibroblasts. J Biol Chem. 2006 Feb 3;281(5):2585-97. Epub 2005 Nov 21.

  2. Zhou J, Gurates B, Yang S, Sebastian S, Bulun SE. Malignant breast epithelial cells stimulate aromatase expression via promoter II in human adipose fibroblasts: an epithelial-stromal interaction in breast tumors mediated by CCAAT/enhancer binding protein beta. Cancer Res. 2001 Mar 1;61(5):2328-34.

  3. Sofi M, Young MJ, Papamakarios T, Simpson ER, Clyne CD. Role of CRE-binding protein (CREB) in aromatase expression in breast adipose. Breast Cancer Res Treat. 2003 Jun;79(3):399-407.

  4. Sebastian S, Takayama K, Shozu M, Bulun SE. Cloning and characterization of a novel endothelial promoter of the human CYP19 (aromatase P450) gene that is up-regulated in breast cancer tissue. Mol Endocrinol. 2002 Oct;16(10):2243-54.

  1. Bulun SE, Lin Z, Imir G, Amin S, Demura M, Yilmaz B, Martin R, Utsunomiya H, Thung S, Gurates B, Tamura M, Langoi D, Deb S. Regulation of aromatase expression in estrogen-responsive breast and uterine disease: from bench to treatment. Pharmacol Rev. 2005 Sep;57(3):359-83. Review.

  2. Bulun SE, Takayama K, Suzuki T, Sasano H, Yilmaz B, Sebastian S. Organization of the human aromatase p450 (CYP19) gene. Semin Reprod Med. 2004 Feb;22(1):5-9. Review.

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