Pharmacology Pharmacology

Current Topics in Pharmacology 2005-2006 Schedule

Meets:  Wednesdays 12:30 PM
Room:  T-473 HSB

October 5 Chris Hague Requiem for a Dimer
 12 Nate Camp Loss of polarity in epithelia and asymmetric cell division may promote cancer-in flies, that is
 19 Christine Cheah Transchromosomic mice as a new model for Down Syndrome
 26 Cecilea Clayton Molecular Substrates for Retrieval and Reconsolidation: Implications for Drug Addiction
November 2 Aaron Miller It's Five O'clock Somewhere: The Connection Between Circadian Rhythms and Substance Abuse
 9 Heidi Gray Adult hippocampal neurogenesis: regulation, integration, and possibilities of neuronal regeneration
 16 Derek Dirocco Metabotropic Glutamate Receptor Antagonists as a Treatment for Fragile X Syndrome
 23 Charley Chavkin Trying to come up to speed on viral-based gene therapies...
 30 Nephi Stella Do we have a communication problem? or Why do we lose the signal produced by chronic electrodes used for brain-machine interfaces?
December 7 Open
 14 Bruce Tempel
January 4 William Catterall Why Warm Food Tastes Better: Thermal Gating of TRPM5 Channels in Taste Reception
 11 Selena Schreiber Oh Say Can You See... Looking for the Causes and Treatment of 'Wet' Age Related Macular Degeneration
 18 Trongha Phan Double Whammy Neurofibromatosis: The Cause of Tumor Formations and Learning Disabilities
 25 Ning Zheng Don't Know Much About Histones. Don't Know Much About Histone Variants
February 1 Faith Reyes Get Pumped! Strengthening Therapeutic Approaches for Muscle Regeneration
 8 Lisa Tsai The Immune Police: Regulatory T cells in Autoimmune Type I Diabetes
 15 Stan McKnight Development, diabetes, aging, memory, and sex: The mi-ghty-RNA (microRNA) rules all
March 1 Anna Burkhart Think Pink! Targeting the Aromatase P450 Gene in the Treatment of Female Breast Cancer
 12 Paul Phillips No need to get in a tangle? Cognitive decline in mouse models of Alzheimer's that expresses human mutant amyloid precursor protein
 19 Frank Vincenzi Mirror neurons: A mind-body conduit?
 26 Edith Wang Brawn for Brains: Role of muscle transcription factors in nervous system development
 10 Neil Nathanson Teaching Old DAGs New Tricks: Diacylglycerol isn't just for PKC anymore
 17 Aaron Nudelman A Gut Feeling Neurogenesis Sleeps at Night
 31 Joseph Beavo Why Bother With a New Kidney? Just Cut to the Marrow!
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