Pharmacology Pharmacology

Current Topics in Pharmacology 2006-2007 Schedule

Meets:  Wednesdays 12:30 PM
Room:  T-473 HSB

October 11 Stan McKnight A taste for fat
 18 Blake Nichols Opening or closing of wounds through electrical signals. Chemotaxic vs electrotaxic in cell polarity.
 25 John Lyssand A histaminergic diet
November 1 Erica Melief Why professors go senile; Glucocorticoids and the progression of Alzheimer's Disease
 8 Nephi Stella 'Please do not switch it off': transcription and Huntington's disease
 15 Paul DeCaen Lunch with parasites: P. falciparum, P. vivax, P. ovale and P. decaen" or "Targeting the apicoplast: an opportunity for rational drug design and novel pharmaceutics for malarial treatment
 29 Angie Hertz Creeping closer to a cancer cure: The use of genetically engineered T cells in cancer immunotherapy
December 13 Bruce Tempel You and Me and Individuality
January 3 Nate Camp Worms: Not just for breakfast anymore! What we can learn from C. elegans besides development.
 10 Bill Catterall SOCs, SCID, CRAC, STIM, and Orai Revealed: The Molecular Mechanism of Store-Operated Calcium Entry
 17 Steve Kraynik Assault on GALT: The First Casualty in HIV Pathogenesis
 24 Chris Hague Bcat and Ccat
 31 Christine Cheah Potential rAAV6-microdystrophin Treatment for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
February 7 Richard Gardner Mom always licked you better! Increased maternal nurturing in rats causes epigenetic changes in childhood that influence adult behavior.
 14 Cecilea Clayton A Voltage Sensing GPCR
 21 Derek Dirocco BDNF expression in Rett Syndrome
 28 Heidi Gray Beta-adrenergic signaling and Alzheimer disease
March 7 Ning Zheng A Silent SNP Making a Big Buzz
 28 Paul Phillips Inflaming your social life
April 4 Edith Wang In Search of the Master Switch for Tumor Suppression
 11 Trongha Phan Astrocytes: They aren't just brain glue. Recognizing their unrecognized roles
 18 Frank Vincenzi The Motor Theory of Speech Perception: It's All Done with Mirrors - Mirror Neurons that is
 25 Faith Reyes Aida-1: the synapse-to-nucleus messenger
May 2 Selena Schreiber Searching for a new class of anti-HIV drugs: Look within yourself
 9 Neil Nathanson Celltype-Specific Translational Control: Control Mechanisms for Him, and HER, TOO
 16 Lisa Tsai Antigen Induced Asymmetric T Lymphocyte Division
 23 Aaron Miller How you can live in Seattle, work seven days a week in the lab, and still have a nice suntan
 30 Joe Beavo MicroRNAs, they probably do more than we thought!
June 6 Charley Chavkin Are hallucinations of a 'genetic basis' a symptom of schizophrenia?
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