Pharmacology Pharmacology

Current Topics in Pharmacology

12:30 PM, Thursday, January 31, 2008 | Room T-473 HSC
Speaker: Angie Hertz
Topic: HIV-1 Takes a Ride on the Nanotubular Highway

  1. Membrane nanotubes physically connect T cells over long distances presenting a novel route for HIV-1 transmission. Sowinski et al. Nature Cell Biology published online 13 January 2008.
  2. Nanotubular Highways for Intercellular Organelle Transport. Rustom et al. Science 303, 1007 (2004)
  3. Membrane Nanotubes Connect Immune Cells. Onfelt et al. Journal of Immunology 173, 1511 (2004)
  4. Long-Distance Calls between Cells Connected by Tunneling Nanotubes. Onfelt et al. Sci STKE. 313, 55 (2005)

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