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12:30 PM, Thursday, February 14, 2008 | Room T-473 HSC
Speaker: Paul DeCaen
Topic: Lunch with parasites part 2: Blood feeding worms, a Valentine's Day story. Control of schistosomiasis with the development of an anti-tetraspanin vaccine & identifying the praziquantel molecular target.
Papers to be presented:

  1. Tetraspanins on the surface of Schistosoma mansoni are protective antigens against schistosomiasis; M.H. Tran, M.S. Pearson, J.M Bethony, A. Loukas; Nature Med. 2006 vol. 12 (7)
  2. Are calcium channels targets of praziquantel action? R.M Greenberg; Intern. J. of Paracitology. 2005 vol. 35.
  3. Schistosome calcium channel beta subunits; A.B Kohn, V.A. Anderson, R.M. Greenberg; J. of Bio. Chem. 2001 vol. 276.
Suggested Background Reading:
  1. Current status of vaccines for schistosomiasis. D.P. McManus & A. Loukas. Clinical Microbio. Rev. 2008 vol. 21.
  2. The schistosome in the mammalian host: understanding the mechanisms of adaptation. J.R. Kusel, M.J. Doenhoff, Paracitology. 2007 vol. 134.

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