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Current Topics in Pharmacology 2007-2008 Schedule

Meets:  Thursdays 12:30 PM
Room:  T-473 HSB

October 4  Chris Hague       Heat shock proteins and Aquaporin trafficking in the Kidney
 11  Mia Defino Defining Criteria for Animal Models of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
 18  Joel Rosenbaum I prevent, you prevent, he/she/it prevents... Bacterial conjugation
 25  Bruce Tempel Ribbons in your Ear
November 1  Candace Parchen What's sex got to do with it??? ERalpha Signaling in Osteoclasts
 8  Canceled
 15  Claire Walker Life in the Slow Lane: Hibernation Protein Complex (HPc) Acts as a Peptide Hormone
 22  Thanksgiving Holiday
 29  Charley Chavkin So, you think your life is stressful...
December 6  Lauren Richardson Defects in Mitochondrial Oxidative Phosphorylation and their role in Insulin Resistance: Helpful or Hurtful?
 10  Bill Catterall Docked, Primed, Fast, and Synchronous: New Insights Into the Essential Molecular Players in Neurotransmitter Release
 17  Will Conrad It takes two to entose: characterizing a novel mechanism of cell death
 24  Stan McKnight Trk-ing retro-CREB
 31  Angie Hertz HIV-1 takes a ride on the nanotubular highway
February 7  Canceled
 14  Paul DeCaen Lunch with parasites part 2: Blood feeding worms, a Valentines Day story. Control of schistosomiasis with the development of an anti-tetraspanin vaccine & identifying the praziquantel molecular target.
 21  Erica Melief It does a body good: Remodeling of ryanodine receptors in the sarcoplasmic reticulum results in "leaky" channels and decreased exercise tolerance in mice
 28  John Lyssand Hypertension: New Insights & Potential Therapeutic Targets
March 6  Ning Zheng A Second Peek at the GPCR world (and Why It Takes So Long?)
 13  Canceled
 27  Frank Vincenzi Meditation: One Hell of a Placebo!
April 3  Canceled
 10  Blake Nichols NFAT: Hair of the Mouse
 17  Vladimir Yarov-Yarovoy Computational Enzyme Design: From a Dream to Reality
 24  Steve Kraynik Btk/Tec the Future: Critical Components in Bone Homeostasis
May 1  Megan Cavalier SAD in Seattle: Reconciling Chronobiological and Neurobiological Mechanisms in Seasonal Affective Disorder
 8  Neil Nathanson siRNA Takes its Toll: Extracellular Actions of RNAi
 15  Nephi Stella A lateral move: how about renaming our department The Department of Dynamic Pharmacology?
 22  Canceled
 29  Joe Beavo DEET Receptors: Why it pays to have sweaty friends!
June 5  Paul Phillips Monkeying around with genetics: New models of Huntingtons disease.
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